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    Welcome to our blog, a place where we share just a tad on what's going on in our professional life and where you get to see some highlights from our personal lives.

    Our ultimate goal is to have you click around and learn more about the style of photography we offer, get a sense for who we are and get to meet some of the fabulous people we are surrounded by.

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Hey folks!

This section has been created to cover the promotion that we are super excited to share with you for the upcoming 2018 and 2019 wedding season.

We have planned few awesome things for this year to fill our wedding calendar so we figured we would offer a deal that will not break the bank and will benefit everyone involved.

The deal is pretty straightforward and here is what you get:

– free consultation

ALL DAY coverage (prep, ceremony, formals, reception)

two photographers

day of the wedding slideshow (prepared and displayed at your reception from images captured at prep, ceremony and formal pictures)

– minimum of 600 images on USB with print release form, so you could print your own photos and enlargements

– password-protected online gallery

– online display of favorite images

– HD highlight

We realize that in order to attract you guys and do it fast we have to give in and offer a price that someone will have a super hard time to refuse so we will totally do it. Starting on January 27-28, 2018 (date of the 2018 Connecticut Bridal Expo) we will drop the price of our services from $4100 to $3400 (you need to book OR at least schedule your consultation before 2.17.2018). Then for the next two weeks the price will stay at $3750 (and you will have another two weeks to meet/book with us). After 2.24.2018 we will reinstate our regular pricing.

We make the commitment that if you like our work and your budget falls within our price range we will make the process extremely easy. We hope that you take us on the offer of free consultation so that we could at least show you how we combine great photography with hassle-free approach.

Below you will find the links to our website,  blog, and Facebook profile as well as the contact info.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon.


860.515.8040 | info@fstophunters.com | WEBSITE | BLOG | FACEBOOK

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Memorial Day weekend is here and we are kicking things off with an Engagement Session of Jenna and Zack.

These two are not on F STOP HUNTERS calendar until 2018 but they chose to do their session early and they picked the right spot to do it. We’ve traveled to Waterford and took some time to capture the love between these two. I’ve always tried not to abuse the word but even though those two are super down to Earth, open and very approachable what sparks between them is undeniable.

I’m really looking forward to shooting their big day next year with all the 350 people witnessing their I DO’s.

Jenna and Zack, thanks again. It was a true pleasure chatting and working with you guys, whichever comes first. 🙂

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Working with this crowd and especially editing their photos always brings back great memories and allows for some time to reflect. Andy is one of my greatest friends and I’ve had a pleasure of capturing his family from time to time. I know he never likes to drag those things out but using my charm I always get what I need. Love you Andy!

This time we were done in about 45 min and I’m really happy with what we ended up with. I wish I could post more but Kasia would probably rip my head off and with the season just starting up there is really no time for injuries.

Thank you guys. Till next time!

Here is a quick preview.

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…and the winner is… F STOP HUNTERS!!!

What?! Yep, you heard right.

We did receive the great news recently but I didn’t have a chance to share as we were supper busy over the last few weeks. The scoop was that we now officially have 3 covers published by another fashion magazine. I’m definitely counting it as another accomplishment and I’m looking forward to the next big challenge.


Jessica Solomon
Mariah Malinguaggio
Martha Boltromiejuk
Vanesa Rodriguez

MUA: Brittany Martin
Hair: Andrea Marchese

Happy Tuesday boys and girls! The good weather is finally here.

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